MyU web portal

MyU is the University’s web portal. This tool links all important resources that you need for your time here as a student. Your MyU page is unique to you as it is customized to your degree program, year in school, and, if you have one, on-campus job. However, there are many parts of MyU that are the same for all students. From MyU, you can view your student account, scholarships, class information or pages, email, important information to know, and links to important university sites. The MyU portal is separated by category for easy use.


Moodle is the official webpage that professors use for many courses. Here you will find your grades, assignments, and any other important information from your professor. It is important to check your Moodle for each class often, as many professors require you to know important information posted on Moodle for class.

Graduation Planner

The Grad Planner is an extremely useful tool to help you look ahead to the rest of your college education. Grad Planner allows you to choose courses that you think you will take in the future and see how they would fit in each semester. Your academic advisor can review and comment on your Grad Planner to help you understand if your plan is the most effiecient route to graduation. You can have multiple plans to play around with your future schedules and see what your coursework would be like if you added a major or minor.